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FREE Online Course

"Sleep Soundly"
3 Easy Practices for Restful Sleep

Image by Hitomi Okushima

A Body-Mind-Energy approach:

- Improved Sleep

- Less Stress and Tension

-More Vitality

This self-paced online course introduces you to acupressure, qigong, sound healing practices and more. You'll get to know your life force and learn to work with it to fill your internal battery. Furthermore, we'll reflect on how our busy culture contributes to our stress and tiredness and explore solutions. By the end of this course, you'll have practical tools and new insight. Enjoy!

Woman Sleeping
Tai Chi Training
Tai Chi Training

Why I created this course:

I believe in empowering you to fill up your internal batteries to move towards ease and flow - more vitality, less stress & tension and an overall increased sense of well-being.  

Ocean&Moon was created to offer an antidote to our productive-orientated, fast-paced, busy culture. Let's Rest & Receive not only because we deserve it but because it's essential for preserving our limited life force energy!

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