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What's a treatment like?

Treatments are given in a safe, comfortable environment in my in-home Studio. At the beginning we'll have a check in to design a session that best meets your needs. During the treatment you will be resting on a massage table, laying face down and face up. You'll remain fully clothed during the whole session and there will be extra pillows and blankets to keep you comfortable.  During treatment I will apply shiatsu & sound healing techniques to acu-points and energetic pathways on and around your body. Once the treatment is concluded, you'll rest for a few minutes. We'll end with another check-in and after care suggestions.

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About Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a Japanese “hands on” Healing Art based on traditional oriental healing principles and modern anatomy and physiology. Literally translated as “Finger Pressure”, Shiatsu consists of simple manipulations and comfortable pressure applied to acupuncture meridians and points. Hence, it has been called “Acupuncture Without Needles”. Shiatsu stimulates the body's self-healing ability and helps to regulate the nervous system.

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About Acu-Sound Healing

Acu-Sound Healing is the application of sound vibration to acupuncture points in order to help the body return to emotional and physiological wellness.

Sound Healing works on the principle that everything in the universe vibrates, from the smallest particle, to our organs and tissues, to the planets in the solar system. These vibrations create frequencies and sounds, which can set another body in motion, known as resonance.

The vibration of resonant sound enters the body via acu-points and meridians. Our body-mind becomes attuned to these harmonizing frequencies that support our wellbeing.

The sound conductivity of our bones and the body's innate watery consistency makes our body an excellent receptor for vibration.

 The pervasive nature of sound healing vibration permits healing energy and intention to reach the deepest level of our being, our cells and our DNA structure. 

During a session I use specifically calibrated tuning forks and Tibetan singing bowls on and around the body to deliver the healing sound vibration and an attunement to harmony.

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About Shiatsu
About Acu-Sound Healing
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